Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

Yesterday, my family and I stopped at a local Veteran’s Memorial Park, in Avon Lake, Ohio, to honor some of our fallen soldiers and celebrate Memorial Day weekend.  My wife and I want our kids to learn to appreciate and understand the sacrifice that many have made for our country and what that means.  We […]

What is Indemnification?

Contract negotiation is a big part of what we do. Lawyers often write contract forms so that only lawyers can read them, so I like to walk a client through the proposed terms and different approaches we are taking. It’s important you understand what we’re doing and why it matters from a practical perspective. And […]

Truax Law Group | Building Collapse During Construction

Building Collapse During Construction

Renovation and rehabilitation projects continue to flourish in Ohio, as owners and developers prefer in some instances to salvage older structures. This is a good thing. These original buildings tell a story about who we are, and as an industry, we should work hard to keep, improve, and/or re-purpose them. These older structures, however, come […]