Mediation Services

As a law firm, our primary job is to represent small businesses. But sometimes we’re also called upon to help others resolve their construction disputes.

Assisting Northeast Ohio Contractors & Small Business Owners with Mediation Services for Over 20 Years

Our experience in working through complicated transactions and business disputes lets us help other companies and their lawyers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, the risks they face, and the costs they will spend on their road to court.

When acting as mediators, we listen to the facts, understand the issues, and get down to business. We’re respectful, but direct – because from our standpoint, there’s no other way to help others get out of legal disputes. Litigation or arbitration can be financially and emotionally draining and takes time away from your business. So ideally, we get involved before one party files a lawsuit or arbitration demand (aka, early mediation), and we can help the parties make the right business decision before the costs get out of control.