Business Disputes

Business is challenging enough. When customers or vendors don’t do what they promised, it’s even more difficult. Holding them accountable & pursuing what’s right is often a burden to navigate, that’s where the experienced lawyers at Truax Law Group can help!

Assisting with Contractor & Small Business Disputes Throughout Northeast Ohio for More Than 20 Years

You need to know your options, and we know that each step of a business dispute needs to be as clear as possible. So our team takes a practical approach—gathering the facts and critical documents; effectively defending your rights; and making sure we adjust contracts and procedures to help prevent future disputes.

Claim Development & Preparation

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Contract Disputes

Business Tort Claims

Professional Negligence

Claim Development & Preparation

While we try to avoid claims by working with you ahead of time, business disputes can happen. We encourage questions throughout the claim development process because we want you to be more informed than anyone else involved. Having all that information upfront gives us a better chance of getting the result you want.

Then, we execute a strategy customized to your situation, either to resolve issues efficiently or to preserve evidence and claims for future use in court.

Business Disputes between contractors & their clients as litigated & mediated by Truax Law Group in Avon, OH
Business Disputes | Resolution & Litigation | Truax Law Group Avon, OH

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Sometimes customers, vendors, or former employees refuse to be reasonable and litigation, arbitration, or mediation becomes necessary. We put together strong and reasonable strategies. Then we fight for fair resolutions, whether your case goes to court or not. We’re straightforward about when to settle, and we’re ready to go to bat when it’s time to go to trial. We’re aggressive, but we don’t let our egos get in the way.

It doesn’t matter how the other lawyers act; we’re there for you, not for us.

Contract Disputes

Contracts are at the heart of any project or business deal. Whether it’s your own contract or your customer’s proposed contract, sometimes things slip through the cracks: payment terms, project risks, performance issues, non-compete clauses, trade secret issues, or otherwise. When your contract doesn’t cover a specific situation or the other side just doesn’t cooperate, our team gets to work on disputing any claims. That starts with understanding what happened, and what your objectives are, and working together to prepare the best strategy for you.

We also advise you on how to close any gaps within your contracts and processes in order to lessen disputes in the future. Having a good contract for a business deal is only the first step. We’ll help you master your contract for your project and have the processes and procedures to satisfy your contract, manage risks, and stay in front of problems.

Business Disputes | Contract Disputes | Truax Law Group Avon, OH
Business Disputes | Business Tort Claims | Truax Law Group Avon, OH

Business Tort Claims

When someone purposefully interferes with your business, we’ll step in, figure out what happened, and protect what you’ve built. Fraud, trade secret misappropriation, and interference can cause your bottom line to shrink and your reputation to suffer. These cases can be complicated.

So we determine the most effective way forward together, taking a bird’s-eye view approach so we’re not missing important details.

Professional Negligance

You work hard to perform at the highest level for your clients, so when someone can’t complete their job duties, we help you understand the motivation and problems behind those situations. Communication is key to our team, and we’re as open as possible when discussing these potential cases with you—determining whether or not professional negligence has actually happened.

And we support you in those compensation claims, no matter if it’s a case of tort or a breach of contract.

Business Disputes | Professional Negligence | Truax Law Group Avon, OH